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“Snap Planets have been a game-changer for me on Snapchat. Seeing myself as Mercury, closest to my best friend’s ‘sun’, made me feel valued and connected in our digital world.

“Snap Planets” on Snapchat show how close you are to your friends. Each planet means a different level of friendship. It helps you understand your friendships better on the app.

Come along with us as we find out what these Snap Planets mean, how they show your friendships on Snapchat, and how you can understand this cool feature. Just relax and get ready for a fun trip through the world of Snap Planets!

What Significance Do Snap Planets Hold In Understanding Digital Relationships?

Snap Planets are like a map of friendships in Snapchat. They help you see how close you are to your friends in the app. Each planet represents a different level of friendship. For example, if you’re Mercury, you’re the closest friend to someone. Understanding Snap Planets is like knowing where you stand in your digital friendships. It’s a fun way to see who matters most to you on Snapchat.

By knowing your position in your friends’ Solar Systems, you can understand your relationships better. It’s like having a guide to your digital connections. This helps you prioritize who you want to interact with more. Snap Planets give you a visual way to see the importance of your friendships in the app.

Overall, Snap Planets are helpful for understanding your digital relationships. They show you who your closest friends are on Snapchat and how important those friendships are. It’s like having a map to navigate your social connections in the digital world.

What Do Snap Planets Represent On Snapchat – Don’t Miss Out On The Fun!

What Snap Planets Represent on Snapchat:**

1. Understanding Friendship Hierarchy:

  • Snap Planets indicate the hierarchy of friendships within Snapchat.
  • Each planet represents a different level of closeness between users.

2. Visual Representation:

  • Users are assigned a specific planet based on their level of friendship with someone.
  • For example, Mercury signifies being the closest friend, while Neptune represents being the eighth closest friend.

3. Navigating Digital Relationships:

  • Snap Planets offer a visual and intuitive way for users to understand their relationships within   the app.
  • Users can easily see who their closest friends are and where they stand in their friends’ digital       universe.

What Is The Meaning Of Each Planet From The Friend Solar System On Snapchat?

1. Mercury:

  • Represents a user’s number one best friend.
  • If you’re Mercury, you’re at the top of someone’s friend list.

2. Venus:

  • Corresponds to a user’s second closest friend.
  • Being Venus means you’re the second most important friend to someone.

3. Earth:

  • Signifies a user’s third best friend.
  • If you’re Earth, you’re among the top three closest friends of someone on Snapchat.

4. Mars:

  • Represents a user’s fourth closest friend.
  • Being Mars indicates you’re among the top four friends of someone on the app.

5. Jupiter:

  • Symbolizes a user’s fifth closest friend.
  • If you’re Jupiter, you’re among the top five friends of someone on Snapchat.

6. Saturn:

  • Corresponds to a user’s sixth closest friend.
  • Being Saturn means you’re among the top six friends of someone on the app.

7. Uranus:

  • Represents a user’s seventh closest friend.
  • If you’re Uranus, you’re among the top seven friends of someone on Snapchat.

8. Neptune:

  • Signifies a user’s eighth closest friend.
  • Being Neptune indicates you’re among the top eight friends of someone on the app.

When Did Snapchat Introduce The Concept Of Snap Planets – Be In The Know!

Snapchat introduced Snap Planets along with the Friend Solar System feature to help users understand their friendships better. It’s like a game where each friend is represented by a planet based on how close they are to you. For example, if someone is your best friend, they’ll be represented by Mercury, the closest planet to the sun. 

This feature makes it easier to see who matters most in your Snapchat world. You can quickly tell who your closest friends are and who you interact with the most. Snap Planets add a fun and colorful twist to understanding your digital friendships, making it more engaging to connect with others on the app. While the exact date of its introduction may vary, Snap Planets have become a popular and interactive way for Snapchat users to navigate their social connections.

What Steps Are Involved In Activating And Navigating Snap Planets On Snapchat?

1. Activation:

1.Subscription Check: Ensure you have Snapchat+ subscription, as Snap Planets are part of this premium feature.       

2. Feature Activation: If you’re a new subscriber, you may need to activate the Friend Solar System feature. You can do this by visiting the Snapchat+ feature management page and toggling the switch for the Friend Solar System.

3: Bitmoji Linking: Make sure you and your friends have linked your Bitmojis. This is necessary for viewing each other’s Friend Solar Systems.

2. Navigation:

1. Click on Profile: To see someone’s Friend Solar System, click on their profile.

2. Badge Check: Look for a badge that reads either ‘friends’ or ‘best friends’ to identify your level of closeness with that person.

3. Explore Planets: Clicking on the badge will reveal which planet you are in their Solar System. Each planet represents a different level of friendship, with Mercury being the closest and Neptune being the furthest.

4. Understand Proximity:The proximity of your planet to the sun indicates how close you are to that person. The closer you are to the sun, the closer you are in friendship.


1. Can I See Snap Planets For All Of My Friends On Snapchat?

Snap Planets are only visible for friends who have also activated the Friend Solar System feature and linked Bitmojis with you. If a friend has not done this, their Snap Planets will not be visible to you.

2. How Accurate Are Snap Planets In Representing My Friendships On Snapchat?

Snap Planets provide a general indication of the level of closeness between you and your friends on Snapchat. However, they may not always accurately reflect the dynamics of your friendships outside of the app.

3. I Change My Snap Planet If I Become Closer To A Friend?

Snap Planets are automatically assigned based on your level of friendship with someone and cannot be manually changed. However, they may change over time based on your interactions and level of closeness with your friends on Snapchat.

4. How Often Are Snap Planets Updated?

Snap Planets are typically updated in real-time based on your interactions and level of closeness with your friends on Snapchat.


Snap Planets on Snapchat are like a fun game that helps you understand who your closest friends are on the app. Each friend gets a planet based on how close they are to you, with Mercury being the closest and Neptune being the farthest. It’s a cool way to see your digital friendships visually and decide who you want to chat with more. 

While Snap Planets are part of Snapchat+, they add a lot of fun to the app and make it more exciting to connect with friends. Overall, Snap Planets are a neat feature that makes Snapchat even more enjoyable to use!

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